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H801RA DVI Subcontroller

H801RA DVI Subcontroller
3412 pixels


H801RA DVI Subcontroller


H801RA is the use of Ethernet protocol transmission sub-controller, input network port to receive data, the output network port forwarding data, four output ports used to control LED lighting. Input network port can be directly connected to the computer network card, also can be connected offline and online master(H802TB, H801TC, H802TC, H803TC, H804TC, H805TC, H801TV, H803TV), also can connect switches and photoelectric converters.

Online support software for the "LED video software", offline software for the "LED edit software."

Currently can control the driver chip can be LPD6803LPD8806LPD6813LPD1882LPD1889LPD6812LPD1886DMX512HDMX APA102P9813DZ2809SM16716UCS6909UCS6912UCS1903UCS1909UCS1912WS2801WS2803WS2811INK1003TM1812TM1809TM1804TM1803BS0901BS0902BS0815LY6620BS0825LD1510LD1512TLS3001TLS3002DM413DM114DM115DM13CDM134DM135DM136MBI5001MBI5168MBI5016MBI5026MBI502774HC5956B595TB62726TB62706ST2221AST2221CXLT5026ZQL9712ZQL9712HVHEF4094A8012 and so on.

LPD6813 and P9813 up to 2560 points, other IC up to 3412 points.

LPD6886, TLS3001, BS0901, BS0815 for 4096 gray level, LPD6812, LPD6813 for the 1024 gray scale, shift class IC gray can be set by software.

2Performance Characteristics

1Four output ports,controller ability  up to 3412 pixels. The ports`s maximum control pixels is 3412 divided by the actual used number of ports.

2Can work online and offline, can be directly connected to the computer network card, eliminating the master, that is, cost savings, the use of more convenient,also can be connected to the off-line and online master (H802TB, H801TC, H802TC, H803TC, H804TC, H805TC, H802TC, H802TC, H802TC, H802TC, H802TC, H802TC, H801TV, H803TV), can also be connected to switches and photoelectric converters.

3High synchronization performance, adjacent sub-control transmission delay in less than 200 nanoseconds, that is cascading 200 sub-controllers, delay in 40 microseconds. Image without tear, no mosaic phenomenon.

4The flexibility to use, the maximum control ability of using ports increase along with qty of the output ports reducing. Sub-control can be any interchangeable, strong adaptability to the lighting project.

5 Good control effect,accuracy gray control , 256 or more gray has been hard Gamma processing.
6Long transmission distance,transmission signal using standard Ethernet protocol, the nominal distance is 100 meters. Can be used as a sub-relay relay, network repeater can also be used as a relay, but also through the photoelectric conversion module, making the transmission distance of 25 km or more.
7Scan clock speed adjustable 100K25M Hz
8The use of gray-scale technology and anti-gamma correction technology, so that the actual display of the effect more in line with the physiological feeling of the human eye; according to the pixel motion adaptive progressive scan technology, effectively eliminate the video movement of the lines produced by the tooth angle, While the natural picture.